• Newspaper article: Writing her way forward | Elaelah Harley

    Burnett Today Feature #1

    Elaelah talks through the inspiration behind A Plan to Save the World, when she first started writing, and her experience in the publishing industry.

  • Compulsive Reader Author Interview | Elaelah Harley

    Compulsive Reader

    A bookish blog interviewing authors of all genres. Learn more information about Elaelah Harley's author journey here.

  • Newspaper article: Burnett's Best Q&A | Elaelah Harley

    Burnett Today Feature #2

    Elaelah does a Question & Answer with the South Burnett's local newspaper, Burnett Today. This was part of the Burnett's Best series on the week of the book's release.

  • Get in touch | Elaelah Harley

    For media inquiries

    Contact elaelah.harley@gmail.com for author photos, a press release, book information and the first few chapters of the novel.

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