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The release date is finally here! Since announcing my book in August, I've been overwhelmed with support and the ever-reoccurring question: When's the book coming out?

Usually this question has set me into a hot panic, because I wouldn't know what answer to give... but not today. I've officially finalised all of my documents, the cover and set up my Amazon page, as well as an Amazon presale! 


With this presale, you'll be the first to receive a copy of the Amazon eBook as soon as November 13 arrives. All you need to do is click the kindle option and add it to your cart.
Q: What if I don't have a Kindle?
A: Don't worry! Kindle is simply Amazon's branding. My book copy is an ePub file, while will work on any device. To access it securely, you might have to download the FREE Kindle application at worst. 
I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my brand new story, and don't forget to post a review once you've given it a read! 
Elaelah x
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