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November 13 has arrived with a bang, along with the release of my new novel, A Plan to Save the World!

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This new book contains the essence of a small town mystery, a splash of romance over the top, speckling hints of environmentalist themes along the way. I spent four years bringing this book to live, which is very long looking back after participating in NaNoWriMo this November. But I promise you, it’s worth the wait!

Willa Triston loves three things – music, her only friend Poppy, and the earth. These passions are put on hold, and her reclusive life is shattered after she sees a strange flickering light from her window.

Her lack of impulse control forces her to investigate it, but the night turns dangerous, and a series of bad decisions bring her to the attention of Sheriff Rome Pendleton. When clearing up a misunderstanding creates more problems, and Rome’s department becomes understaffed, Willa gets wrapped up in the case, helping at his side. 

At first, it seems easy enough to balance her studies, the mystery and Rome’s persistent flirtation – that is, until she finds there’s a bit more to the story than everyone initially thought. 

Now, she realises it might not just be her in danger... but maybe her whole world.

A plan to save the world is Elaelah Harley’s debut novel, and after reading this book, I cannot wait to see what she writes next. The book entices you with its beautiful cover, and then captivates you with the ever eventful story found within its pages. 🦋 - Samantha


A really fun mystery novel with great characters and fun dialogue.


An enjoyable main character, coupled with the perfect blend of suspense and wholesome/lighthearted moments.

If Charlie doesn’t have a cameo in another book I may scream. - Joshua


Elaelah for giving me the opportunity to read the ARC for a review 💖 I can’t wait to be able to get a physical copy when it’s released 😊

I intended the just read a chapter or two before going to sleep for the night BUT I was hooked in the story from beginning to end.
A Plan to Save the World was a pure delight for me to read, with witty dialogue, vivid descriptions and an overall pleasant writing style. The plot is original and I can safely say that I haven’t read anything similar and I was absolutely enthralled.
I loved the balance between the mystery and romance in the novel and it was very well paced. - Alanya


A captivating read :) a great novel - merging genres that kept me intrigued, with a hint of the mushy stuff, and a realism to the workings of a small town.
It’s light and personable, whilst also being layered with everyday human complexities and moral dilemmas.
The author is able to take you along with the characters, their strengths and flaws, and creates dynamic pace changes. Definitely following, keen on the next book! - Em


A great read! Loveable characters and developing intensity to keep you hooked. I read this in 6 hours (yes in one sitting) I could not put it down! - Laine


A fresh storyline with high energy from the first paragraph. The lead, Willa Triston, a tenaciously curious UNI student with strong values and fast wit, finds herself on a collision course with excitement and mayhem. There is crime, suspense and a sneaky chuckle to be found along the way. Making for an engaging read that suggests a great future for the Author and Willa if she gets a Private investigators license. This book is a perfect weekend companion. - Michael

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Giveaway Winner Revealed

A big congratulations to @ashleys.reads on Instagram for winning the November giveaway! You’ll be receiving your goodies shortly.

For those who missed out, don’t worry! A new giveaway will be up and running next month. Until next time!

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